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Blackeye Peas

Spicy Blackeye Pea & Chicken Soup

Submitted by: Michaela Rosenthal

This Spicy Blackeye Pea and Chicken Soup is flavorful and perfect for when you don't have a lot of time.

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Blackeye Peas and Mango Salsa

An easy and delicious summer salsa recipe featuring Margaret Holmes Blackeye Peas.

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Blackeye Pea Grilled Burger Shooters

Moist and delicious burgers made with Blackeye Peas. Just might be the most perfect veggie burger ever!

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Southern BBQ Beans

This recipe showcases Margaret Holmes Blackeye Peas, Pinto Beans and Lima Beans!

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Good Luck Pickled Peas

Margaret Holmes' Blackeye Peas are the star of this cold side dish!

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Champion Potato Dish

This recipe has been tested by competitive cook and recipe developer Michaela Rosenthal.

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